Marina del Rey Yacht Charter Rentals

Marina del Rey Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals

Marina del Rey yacht charter and boat rentals offer scenic views that will truly captivate you. Whether it’s just a weekend away or something more, enjoy whale watching, dolphins surfing the bow as you breathe in every moment of your yacht charter adventure in Marina del Rey. Call (800) 348-6985 or get an instant quote.

Marina del Rey is a laid-back seaside community offering a yacht charter adventure. You can check out Fishermen’s Village or shop at the Villa Marina Market! Our Marina del Rey yacht charter rentals includes large yachts for charter for yacht weddings other special events with sizes ranging from 40' to over 200 feet carrying from 5 to 500 passengers.

Yacht Charter Rentals

 Marina del Rey Party Yacht Rentals

  • 2-6 Staterooms
  • Full Bars, Lengthy Bows, and Galleys
  • Spacious Lounge and Dining Area
  • Surround Sound With Hi-Def TVs
  • Call (800) 348-6985 or get an instant quote.

You can also rent a super yacht in Marina del Rey, giving you the absolute height of luxury. With multiple levels of deck space, well crafted interiors, jacuzzis, and grand dining rooms, our yacht charters are a magnificent yachting experience.