Personal Drivers


The Airport Run

Travel to or from the airport can be tiresome. We’re often forgetting this or that. Parking is a hassle. If you’re not driving maybe the shuttle isn’t your thing, or the cab’s too cramped, and bothering friends…. well let’s face it. Nobody really WANTS to drive you to the airport, let’s be honest. Except us 😉 We’d love to drive you!!

With Legend’s car service you can be picked up at home and dropped off to the airport in a luxury sedan, SUV, or a limousine.  Relax in luxury and can finish up those emails, tweet your tweets, message your messages, okay… you get the picture. Actually how about this. DO NOTHING. Take in the reality that you dont have to worry about a thing for this moment.

Driving Round & Round & Round

Finding a family member or friend can be difficult and parking fees at the Airport can cost hundreds! I know I’m not the only one that’s driven round and round and round in circles at LAX Airport because you can’t find your mother, your brother, your sister, or friend. Why not spring for a private driver once in awhile. Bring a smile to the face of a loved one. Then on the way home imagine this… You can actually speak to one another without the distractions of the road. It’s a wonderful thing a personal driver. Try it out!

Having a personal driver makes you feel better and takes all the stress and headaches out of driving!  With the price of gas today it makes even more sense to hop into your own personal driver experience and relax!  Airport car service is easier than ever.  Make a reservation today.

Legend Limousine

In the dynamic world we live in, driving is one of the more tiresome tasks of our day.  We have lots of places to go, people to see and things to get done. Hiring a personal driver will change your life for the better and open up a whole new world you may have yet to explore.  At Legend Limousine, we strive for excellence providing the highest quality car service and professional personal drivers.